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We have considerable expertise in European projects:  

  • with active and reliable partners all over Europe

  • coupled with a reputation for quality outcomes.



Visit to Galway (April 2016)

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Visit to Wolverhampton (Jan 2016)

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SAP Update (February 2015)

Recent Case Study in Valencia at Xabec

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European Study Visit [Portugal] - (2014)

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The study visit was a mixture of inputs from strategic leaders, practitioners and employers/educationalists supplemented by visits and observations particularly to factories and some schools. It also included a museum visit showcasing local industry and educational projects. Overall the visit aimed to show the links between schools and industry and particularly how that linked to the local economy. A period of time spent at a careers exhibition hosted in the tourist centre give the opportunity to glean a lot of information in a short period.

The visit to the Hat Museum was brilliant, giving an insight to the history of the area but also educational projects. The experiential learning approach used by the museum was great.
The city of Sao Joao di Maderia is small and therefore the examples were reflective of this.

I was particularly impressed by the EPIS work addressing the dropout of students from schools. This is a national project. Their identification methods and interventions including the use of employers seemed sound. I also found interesting the work of the Sao Joao di Maderia municipality on Entrepreneurship activity in schools interesting and their linking this to Eu2020 targets.
The use of young people who were engaged in work experience placements to accompany us on visits to factories was an interesting concept. It give us the opportunity to talk to young people and find out first hand their experiences and of course they improved their language skills and confidence. Download our PDF here to read more.



European Transfer of Innovation fund Local Authority [Project Reducing NEETs] - (2013-15)

The Safe Arrival Project

The Safe Arrival Project is a Leonardo Lifelong Learning Transfer of Innovation project led by Sandwell MBC in the UK. It involves partners in Ireland, Spain, Hungary and the Czech Republic. It aims to transfer good practice in the UK to partner countries around the identification of NEET and the reduction in unemployment amongst young people. It commenced in October 2013 and is a two year programme.
SES13-19 Limited are the external assessors for the project.

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Careers of the Future - (2011-13)
Brian Martin delivered this project for Sandwell MBC. He acted as the internal assessor. The project was led by Zlinsky kraj in the Czech Republic and involved partners from Portugal and Ireland as well. It aimed to improve the knowledge and skills of over 100 careers education and guidance staff over 2 years

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European work experience mobility for 2 training providers/employers - (2013)


European study visit Local authority - (2013)


European work experience mobility for 3 training providers - (2012)

European Partnership bid Local Authority - (2011)



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Sandwell Study Visit 2011

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