Post 16 Services

Our POST 16 OFFER - Please click here for details


We offer the following Post 16 services:


  • Curriculum offer, admission criteria and learner choice.

  • Learner induction.

  • Target Setting and Data Management.

  • Pastoral Support, Mentoring and Target Setting through 1 to 1s.

  • Teaching and Learning, AfL - A post 16 version.

  • Developing independent learning.

  • Stretch and Challenge 'obtaining the A*/A Grade'.

  • Using Assessment to ramp up performance.

  • Progression and UCAS - Personal Statements workshop

  • Using enrichment and developing extra curricula to widen learner experience.

  • Collaboration to improve attainment through the curriculum offer.  

  • European Parliament interactive workshop.

  • Developing and improving your assessment practice to further support learner attainment.

  • Departmental support - improving practice in identified areas of concern (2 days per department).

  • Using the CEA Toolkit for Assessment Practice - to conduct an Audit, (Develop and monitor an Action Plan to evaluate progress, achieve whole school consistency in moderation - moving forward together.

  • Developing learner examination technique.


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